$3 Latin Lunches Debut at Dylan's

Seven Pot Grill is Now Dylan's Cafe and Restaurant

Seven Pot Grill on Tompkins Avenue has gotten a facelift, a name change, a menu change and is under new management – Heck, it’s a new restaurant altogether!

Dylan’s Brooklyn Café and Restaurant, located at 268 Tompkins Avenue, directly across from the 79th Precinct, has opened its doors and is serving traditional Spanish (Dominican) and American fare.

The place was packed and a little chaotic – but chaotic in a good way – when I walked in there Thursday afternoon during lunch hour.

In fact, I asked three different people for the manager before finally reaching the right person, as no one seemed to speak English, and the entire restaurant appeared to be filled by one big, extended family.

The restaurant’s new owner and manager Marian “Mari” Mobas, said that although they only recently announced their grand opening, the restaurant had been opened since December 10, 2011.

The vibe inside of Dylan’s is warm and friendly. There are two small tables for sitting, if you so choose. But the setup is more tailored for take-out, food on the fly.

Nevertheless, as soon as you walk in, you get the impression that something in one of those hot pans on the other side of the plexi-glass counter must be delicious, because people were clamoring to place their orders.

I caught the fever, and tried to eavesdrop on what people were ordering. But after not a single customer ordered one of the same things, I just rolled the dice and ordered the peas and rice with beef stew.

Mari rung me up, and immediately I knew what the customer fuss was all about: My lunch costed $3.

In fact all of their lunch specials are $3, including a choice of three different types of rice, plantains, and a meat-- stew chicken, baked chicken, pork rib tips and pork chops. For $5 or $7, you get the medium- and larger-sized portions, which also come with a salad and soda.

Dylan’s also serves fish sticks or chicken tenders with fries for $3.50, and crab cakes, two for $3. For breakfast, there’s oatmeal, pancakes, grits, home fries, sausage and fried cold cuts.

My stewed beef was tender, but a little salty, yet filling (I couldn’t finish it). It tasted pretty standard for a Brooklyn, Latin-American Cuchifrito-style takeout spot. But then again, I only tasted one item from their menu.

Dylan’s is open Monday through Sunday, from 7:00am – 9:00pm.

And oh yeah: For those who formerly frequented Seven Pot Grill, there was a sign in the window of Dylan’s announcing that a cook named “Carl is back!”

I think I’m safe to assume that’s good news.

Emmy Lou January 09, 2012 at 06:56 AM
Thanks for the tip.


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