The Spring Flea Market is Dead. Long Live Green-woodstock!

The annual event can no longer be called a flea market, but that doesn't mean it isn't one.

Would a flea market by any other name still offer bargain-hunters the same  reasonably priced selection of handicrafts and used goods? In the case of Green-woodstock, the answer is yes.

Now in its third year, Green-woodstock, a flea market-cum-music festival to be held on May 6, was previously known to neighbors as the less catchy—if more accurate—Spring Flea Market and Tag Sale.

But a crackdown on outdoor vendors by the city’s Parks Department forced the annual neighborhood event, organized each spring by Friends of Greenwood Playground in its namesake green space, to re-market its image in terms more acceptable to city officials.

“They really wanted to crack down on people vending things, A) without licenses, and B) things that are pirated,” said Dari Litchman, one of Green-woodstock's organizers. “They don’t want people selling pirated movies or CDs or all the stuff that you always see people selling. “

The event may well have been canceled altogether before organizers discovered that the only step required to appease park officials—who issue permits for all events held in public spaces—was a name change.

“The problem was that we were calling it a flea market,” Litchman said. “So we called it Green-woodstock so it comes off more like an all day festival as opposed to like, a flea market. Which it is. “

Which is not to say the event will be without a healthy dose of music. A handful of bands—all from Kensington and Windsor Terrace—will perform throughout the day. Food vendors will also be on hand to provide a selection of culinary treats to hungry shoppers.

Volunteers are still needed not only on the day of the event itself, but also to help collect raffle prizes. Those interested can email greenwoodfriendsfunds@gmail.com

Sara April 05, 2012 at 05:56 PM
I got nervous when I saw the headline! Glad the organizers figured out a way to keep it going!! :)
Steve LeVine April 06, 2012 at 11:30 AM
For what it's worth, I never saw anyone selling pirated DVDs at this market. I see plenty in Manhattan that the city doesn't crack down on, though. Also, this year I'd like to see a larger selection of food vendors.


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