A Strut in the Name of Art

Bed-Stuy Alive! to host Studio Strut on October 20.

As a part of the upcoming Bed-Stuy Alive! calendar of activities that celebrates all that is wonderful about Bed-Stuy, the Studio Strut adds one of the most vital elements: art.

On Sunday, October 20, the Bedford-Stuyvesant Artists’ Association (BeSSA) will invite the neighborhood for a glimpse into the hearts and the minds of Bed-Stuy’s local artists with its 8th Annual Studio Strut, a free, self-guided walking tour and art exhibition at various locations throughout the neighborhood.

“What we do is we ask our artists, encourage them to open up their homes to showcase their artwork,” said Fedrecia Hartley, BeSSA’s founder.

“Art is vital to the community. It shows people how we as artists view things, everyday issues. I think it’s important that the community sees what’s going on and what people are thinking, because for some of us, this is how we support ourselves.”

Hartley, a lifelong Bed-Stuy resident, said she decided to start BeSSA with two of her neighbors and fellow artists, Judy Rios and Emily Grote, after she graduated from college and found very few opportunities to exhibit around the city.

“We’ve always had artists here in Bed-Stuy, but I felt like, when the media covered our community, they never mention the art or they downplayed it,” said Hartley. “BeSSA was formed as a support group for local artist to share information, find exhibition opportunities and just be there for other artists.”

The venues for exhibition on the strut include:

  • Zion Gallery, 152 MacDonough Street (at Throop Ave); Exhibiting Artists: Olivia Cousins, Anthony George, Fedrecia Hartley
  • Diane Grazette-Collins Studio, 89 Chauncey Street (at Stuyvesant Ave); Exhibiting Artist: Diane Grazette-Collins
  • Brooklyn Public Library, 361 Lewis Avenue (at Macon St); Exhibiting Artist: Gerald Jones, 10am-5pm exhibition runs entire month of October
  • Vine n Branches, 434 Marcus Garvey Blvd (at Macon St); Exhibiting Artist: Aisha Cousins
  • Breukelyn Cellars, 504 Nostrand Avenue (at Halsey St); Exhibiting Artist: Robert Daniel
  • Bed-Vyne Wine, 370 Tompkins Avenue (at Putnam Ave); Exhibiting Artist: Daniel Rosenhanst & Kevin Ragnott
  • Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, 750 Myrtle Avenue (at Nostrand); Group exhibition, Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

In addition to the Strut, BeSAA will hold two other smaller events during Bed-Stuy  Alive! to further showcase the works of local artists:

Friday, October 12

Bed Vyne Wine and BeSAA Present a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction , 370 Tompkins Avenue

Saturday, October 13

BeSAA presents an Arty Part at Zion Gallery,152 MacDonough Street, $5

Meet the artists, view art work on screen with music & refreshments.  $5.00

“At the art party, we’re going to put the artists’ work on the screen, have some wine, listen to some music, and show people what we do, it should be fun” said Hartley.

“We (BeSAA) have had our high and low periods and our challenges. But we just want exhibition opportunities. We’re still pressing on.”

If you have questions about the Studio Strut or other events during Bed-Stuy Alive!, contact Fedrecia Hartley at fmhartley@aol.com.


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