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Weekend Weather: The Return of Sunshine

It's going to be so much better this weekend.

Things have been undeniably crazy on the weather front for the last two weeks.

After the hurricane, we got snow. Snow!

With this weekend, however, things show signs of slowing down, and hopefully melting off some of this snow.

Check out the forecast from the National Weather Service below.

Friday: Set to be mostly sunny with a high in the mid 50's, with temperatures dipping a little overnight.

Saturday: Saturday will be much the same, with a light wind and a high temperature around 58. Things will get a little chillier overnight.

Sunday: Things will warm up quite a bit on Sunday, with a daytime temperature in the 60's and a clear night.

Veterans Day: Mercy of mercies, Monday will be sunny and clear most of the day, with a high-in the high-60's. 


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