AMAZING RELIABLE Caregiver Available Full Time

After nearly 5 years, it is now sadly time to find our wonderful babysitter Ivy a new job. Ivy has been with us since our daughter was 6 weeks old, and she's a trusted and much beloved member of the family. We will miss her but you will love her!!


Ivy is completely reliable, never calling in sick (well, twice in 4 years), always on time or 5 minutes early, always helpful and accommodating to our changing schedule. She and our daughter are very close, Ivy is truly loving, exceptionally kind and giving. I respect and trust her values and judgment. She’s been a fabulous partner in helping us raise our fabulous kid. Oh and she’s very smart.


Ivy is fit, strong, energetic and playful, at the ready to play, run, swing, jump, sit on the floor, do fun art projects, and tell or read stories (she’s a fluent reader, a native English speaker with perfect grammar and she and my daughter love to sit and read together).


Ivy's never idle, never on her cell phone, always engaging our daughter in play when they are at home or, most often, taking our daughter on outings to the playground, zoo, library, Natural History Museum, Children's Art Museum, Coney Island, etc. She often arranges play dates with other lovely kids.


Ivy’s a great communicator and I always know what goes on with my daughter when I’m not around. I work from home and Ivy is respectful of my space. She's very warm and friendly but not overly chatty.


In terms of housework, Ivy does everything my daughter needs – laundry, cleans her room and picks up her toys, cooks her meals, cleans up etc. She picks up groceries when I’m out of stuff and is always willing to lend a hand. She’s happy to be helpful.


She’s also great at taking my daughter on doctor and dentist appointments when I can’t be there.


Now that our daughter will be in school fulltime, we are trying to help Ivy find a wonderful new family to work for. Our ideal timeframe would be September but if Ivy found the right situation, she would have our blessing to start anytime.


If you want to know more about Ivy, please email me at clarkbar1@gmail.com. She has other references as well and she is very experienced with newborns as well.



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